Committed To Decentralization

Vertcoin is a peer-to-peer currency focused on decentralization

What Is Vertcoin?

Vertcoin is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Litecoin with an added focus on keeping the ecosystem as decentralized as possible.

Vertcoin is a zero frills development coin that solves real cryptocurrecy problems rather than fluff that crowds the space.No ASICs! No Monopolies! People Cheer!

Our Goal

Cryptocurrency is worthless unless it’s decentralized. Currently Bitcoin & Litecoin have the majority of their hashrate owned by large mining conglomerate in China. This is far from safe.

Vertcoin was created in 2014 with the intention of being easily mined by the masses. In more recent times devices called ASICs have taken over Bitcoin/Litecoin, centralising profitability and governance to ASIC manufacturers.

Vertcoin remains resistant to ASICs through regularly changing it’s adaptive mining algorithm as ASICs cannot adapt to change. Choosing the right consensus tool is key to mining decentralization and distributed governence, ASICs do not achieve this.Fair Mining and Lightning Network

Solving Lightning Network’s Problems

LitBox - Development Focus

Lightning presents an interesting challenge. In order to send/receive transactions users need to be online at all times, obviously this isn’t practical.

Solving this you have two choices. You could give control of your funds to a third party having them manage it for you and doing so recreate the banking system we already have.

Alternatively, you could have a device similar to a small home router that manages your Lightning transactions. This is the only option that lets you control your funds. That’s what LitBox is, a multi coin lightning solution that lets you be your own bank.Be your own bank with LitBox

Making Lightning Network User Friendly

Lightning Wallet - Development Focus

Vertcoin is at the forefront of Lightning Network development, currently developing the first known multicoin lightning network wallet.

The lightning wallet will run on LIT, one of the 4 currently existing implementations of Lightning Network. Outside lightning channel management LIT will act like TCP/IP layer for cryptocurrency joining all your addresses under a single address umbrella unlike existing implementations. This means you’ll have one address for sending/receiving that doesn’t reveal your on-chain addresses.

LIT is also multicoin lightning protocol meaning that multicoin support is built directly in, natively supporting SegWit coins by default. Other implementations require forks of Lightning which inevitably result in downstream bugs never getting fixed, similar to Electrum. LIT is also the only protocol that doesn’t require full nodes, which makes multicoin solutions like LitBox not only possible but very affordable.

Due to coin support being directly implemented into the protocol, LIT will be able to achieve the multicoin lightning ecosystem operability much faster and smoother than any other implementation.Swap Currencies on the go

Lightning Network Implementations Arrow

Lightning Network Whitepaper Arrow

Developer/Community Social Contract

Vertcoin remains ASIC resistant through a community contract to hard fork the mining algorithm and making new devices useless. This has been done twice in Vertcoin’s history, it is not an empty threat.

The first fork was stop botnets monopolising the hashrate using CPUs. The second fork was to stop an ASIC created for lyre2REv1. The community will always vote to fork as Vertcoin’s miners are its users.

Learn About The Algorithm A fair and balanced system away from corporate interest.

No Premine, No ICO, No Air-Drop

Vertcoin is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Fairly distributed starting in January 2014, every Vertcoin in existence has been mined by its users on a level playing field.

This makes Vertcoin less susceptible to market manipulation as the developers do not maintain large holdings to artificially inflate the market capitalization.

The People’s Coin

Vertcoin has tens of thousands of community members from all over the globe. A great coin for beginners, join our Discord Server or Reddit to meet a ton of like-minded people who are waiting to help you get started.

Often hailed as one of the “best communities in crypto”, Vertcoin really is all about you. There are no businesses or celebrities behind Vertcoin, only real people with a shared vision.

Feel Free To Chat!

As community members just like you, the developers are friendly and approachable. Many of us are active daily on Discord or Reddit and regularly converse with users, providing support and answering questions. Besides development and marketing, one of our primary roles is education and we’re happy to help new users to understand this new and exciting technology.