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Bitcoin Upgraded

Feature rich with special attention to privacy and permanent decentralization.

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A Common Problem – The Vertcoin Solution

ASICs, highly specialized computers, have put the power to mine cryptocurrencies in fewer peoples’ hands. This centralization of power weakens the security of the coin and may impact the long term value. Vertcoin is wholly dedicated to decentralization through meaningful innovation.


Stealth Addresses

Stealth Addresses

Stealth Addresses provide privacy on the public ledger, much like what you would expect from any traditional bank. Vertcoin was the first to offer this incredible breakthrough in cryptocurrency technology.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile Wallets

Our development team is currently working on a brand new, user-friendly wallet for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.



Vertcoin is highly decentralized and the development team is wholly committed to keeping it that way. This ensures the long term security and fair distribution of the coin.

Dedicated Developers

Dedicated Developers

Our team is comprised of top talent from all over the world. Each of us brings key strengths to the table from business acumen, to enterprise technical architecture to security.



Our community is incredibly accommodating and growing fast. If you ever need help getting started, reach out and talk to us – we are more than happy to help. Start with our official forum or our lively sub-reddit.

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The First

to offer stealth addresses. Your private transactions are hidden within the bits of data that comprise the public ledger.


To get started, please download the appropriate wallet for your device or operating system.



The Team

Active Developers


jk_14 has helped us create the Vertcoin Android wallet and he authored the GNU/Linux distribution for mining called KopiemTu. He has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2013 and started MobileCash, a coin that is merge-mineable with Vertcoin.


Zemrys’ primary developing experience has been in .NET and C#, with secondary skills in various other languages. He works in the field of physics, manufacturing radiation detection instrumentation. He has been involved in Vertcoin since early 2014.


Eric has been a miner and an active member of the crypto community since 2013. Since discovering Vertcoin, he has been helping with Vertcoin’s social media presence and development tasks.


netswift is a computer vision researcher with over 10 years experience from the field. His favorite programming tools are Qt, C/C++ and Java, though he has long term experience from several other languages like Matlab/Octave, python and C# in various enviroments. netswift concentrates his efforts in Vertcoin’s core software and website development.


James is the lead developer of Vertcoin and has been programming in one form or another since age 10. He currently is an undergraduate researcher at the MIT DCI, working on enacting decentralized monetary policy.



Timothy is a writer and semi-polymath type, with a full Great Books type background, math, science and the soft stuff. He’s written screenplays, short films, and is currently working on a novel. Professionally his background is in ultra-high end hospitality, writing, and the non-profit sector. With an extensive leadership history, Timothy brings a rich background of business expertise and life-skills, and is an all-rounder on the team. With a passion for cryptocurrencies, and convinced that Vertcoin is CryptoCurrency iteration 3.0, Timothy wants to assist in any way he can to help Vertcoin achieve it’s rightful place as the most used, most trusted digital currency in the world.


DCvtc is our Social Media expert. He currently manages social media assets for a telecomunications company full time, with 140,000 likes on Facebook and 30,000 Twitter followers. He works closely with the other marketing team members to assist in supporting their work via social media and specialises in customer engagement and dispute resolution.


Webbs is the designer/animator and creative mind behind the Vertcoin brand. With 20 years experience in web/broadcast and advertising, Webbs has worked for the largest ad agency outside of london in the UK and worked for major clients including Microsoft, Norton, Yamaha, Toyota, Carphone Warehouse, Discovery, Ministry of Sound etc. He spent most of last year working for a well known international celebrity helping her to take new products to market. Webbs helps us bring the VTC brand to the world in a funky, interesting way and keeps us ahead of the competition image wise.


Having run online businesses for over 8 years now, Casp3r advises startups on branding and online marketing issues and build brands via smart PR. Doing newsworthy things, being innovative then giving it the right angle and pitching it to media outlets. Once projects are established he works with the heavyweights in the different niches together running joint ventures to maximize value. Casp3rs role is as a marketing advisor, knowing how to steer brands into the right direction and maximize their potential.


With an extensive background in technical fields, including financial IT, Boris has more recently moved on to other things in his day-to-day professional life but still keeps involved with interesting and worthwhile projects like Vertcoin. A mixture of a strong technical background, with experience running a number of businesses gives Boris the ideal mixture of skills to be a bridge between the technical side of the project, and the fluffier, more user-friendly public face of Vertcoin. Boris also looks after our official website, and maintains our trusted build system ( so that binaries can be validated and publicly verified as clean and trustworthy.


a432511 is an enterprise technical architect with a deep passion for security and privacy. His primary development stack is Microsoft (.NET), however, he has authored applications across many platforms and languages (Android, iOS, Java, PHP, etc). In addition to development, he will be helping with communication and marketing.


Our goto man for Windows builds and issues, Aleks is a crypto enthusiast and entrepreneur. He has been an avid computer geek for the last 25 years, starting out with the BBC Micro in the 80s, moving through Commodore Amiga and onto PC. He now runs a mixture of Linux, OSx and Windows, though he won’t be drawn on which one he prefers. Aleks is actively working with CryptoCurrency startups and brings technical understanding together with plain english and business experience. With VertCoin since day one, Aleks looks after all our native Windows build needs.


Bengt studies computer science at bachelor’s level and has a couple years of programming experience from that and other projects. Lately he’s been working a lot with getting our distributed peer-to-peer pool network running smoothly. He’s passionate about crypto as a new form of currency and looks forward to the day that Vertcoin gains wide-spread adoption. Writes python and java.


Othe is a smart investor (in BTC since 2009) and was involved in efforts to get the Litecoin proof-of-work changed to try to achieve the initial purpose of Litecoin – ASIC resistance. When the Litecoin team proved reluctant to change things, Othe moved on to VTC and is now a key part of the team. Skilled in Python, Flask, PHP, Django and Drupal, Othe was also closely involved in the p2pool port to VTC. As an import/export guy, Othe also brings a keen business mind to VTC along with his technical skills.

Founder : Bushido

Our founder, Bushido has worked for major companies such as Accenture and Microsoft as a developer, and has returned to education as a masters student at Johns Hopkins. Persuaded that centralization was the bane of existing cryptocurrencies, he set out to create something that would encourage the wide distribution of mining power, increasing the security and safety of the Vertcoin network. Like most creative technical people, his main concern is to see substance and technical innovation behind Vertcoin, and he is always pushing to keep us innovative and keep us thinking about how we can do things better.