22 Dec 2014

Vertcoin Roadmap

Vertans, After much internal discussion, we have

22 Dec 2014


After much internal discussion, we have reached a point where we are ready to announce our roadmap following the release of Lyra2RE.

  1. PR Campaign
  2. Hyper-Adaptive Block Confirmation (HABC)
  3. Final discussion on subsidy reduction
  4. Final discussion on increasing block maturity time

Additionally, we want to strongly encourage our more technically adept community members to help us fix bugs and submit pull requests to the Vertcoin Github (https://github.com/vertcoin/vertcoin). We believe it is crucial to the health of Vertcoin that our community is broadly engaged in the development, maintenance and promotion of Vertcoin.

To expound on numbers 1 and 2, we know we need to do a PR campaign, but we don’t necessarily have the means to do so. We ask that someone who knows how to run an effective PR campaign steps up to help. We can start a new fundraiser and control the distribution of those funds with the operational arm being one or more community members. Number 2 is a new method by which we can accelerate block confirmation times. The target time will be as low as 1 second, but will adapt to the speed of the network. As many of you know, fast block confirmation times pose a myriad of challenges, but we believe we have a mechanism that can overcome those challenges. More to come…

To help us manage the various efforts with community integration, we are using a new project management system called Taiga (https://tree.taiga.io). If you are interested in helping – even with the PR Campaign – we ask that you contact us for an invite to the group.



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