11 Feb 2017

Vertcoin has hard forked – downgrade your wallets!

Hello everyone, Unfortunately I learned that Vertcoin

11 Feb 2017

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately I learned that Vertcoin had hard forked during the night between old (v0.10.0.*) and new (13.99.0) wallets. This has lead to old wallets on one chain and new ones on the other. Given that only around 7% of the network has switched so far to the new wallet, I ask that everyone who has upgraded, downgrade their wallet to v0.10.0.2 and those who have not yet upgraded to stay put.

On that basis, the development team will be evaluating the fork to determine its cause and if possible release a patch and retry the soft fork. Failing that, we intend to hard fork the coin, sometime in the next month.

You can find the old wallet for download here: https://github.com/vertcoin/vertcoin_old/releases

Thank you for your patience,


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