03 Nov 2014

New Developer And Lyra2RE Progress Update

Vertans, Firstly I’d like to introduce myself.

03 Nov 2014


Firstly I’d like to introduce myself. Many of you will know me from Reddit as the developer of Greenpool. I have joined the development team recently to aid with the implementation of Lyra2RE and I plan to stay for the foreseeable future to see Vertcoin grow and ultimately succeed in this oversaturated crypto coin market.

Currently, development is well under way for the fork to Lyra2RE. The algorithms that Lyra2 will be chained with to form Lyra2RE have been decided and many essential pieces of software have been ported. A Python module for Lyra2RE has been created which means that Stratum-Mining and P2Pool are ready for the fork. Sgminer has also been modified to make it ready for the completion of a working OpenCL kernel. At this time, wallet integration needs to be completed as well as OpenCL and CUDA kernels created, the latter two of which we are looking for members of the community who are experienced with these systems to help us complete this task. [email protected] if you have OpenCL or CUDA experience and would like to help out.



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