15 Jul 2014

Multipools, Inflation, ASICs

Vertans and Visitors, There is a lot

15 Jul 2014

Vertans and Visitors,

There is a lot of debate happening right now regarding how to handle multipools, inflation and – to some degree – what to do if ASICs actually land for Scrypt-N.

Nothing has been decided, but here are some of the ideas on the table:

  1. Shark Bite Subsidy – A harsh reduction of the block subsidy when an increase in difficulty above the average increase in difficulty is detected. The subsidy then moves back toward the default subsidy over a period of a few days.
  2. Plain Vanilla Subsidy Reduction – An early reduction in the block subsidy.
  3. Increase Block Maturation Period – The idea here is that you have to hold your mined coins longer.
  4. Algorithm Change – This is mainly an early “what if” for ASICs.


This is all FDO (For Discussion Only) at the moment. We understand that any changes have serious implications, which is why we are taking our time weighing all the options if any change is made at all.


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