13 Dec 2014

In Celebration of Success – Lyra2RE Lives

Vertans, We are so very pleased to

13 Dec 2014


We are so very pleased to be past block 208301 and on Lyra2RE. The fork could not have gone more smoothly! A huge thanks to our own developer, James, for handling the bulk of the Lyra2RE implementation – an impressive contribution to Vertcoin. Another big thanks to djm34 for accepting and crushing the challenge of creating our Lyra2RE GPU miners. Without his help we could not have made this happen. So much goes on behind the scenes and I extend a personal thanks to those that helped on this project. We did not have a coin to “copy paste” from, so everything you see is largely from scratch (as it relates to Lyra2RE). From ideation, to planning, to execution, this fork was handled with professionalism as evidenced by the stable launch.

It goes without saying that Lyra2RE ushers in the next ASIC resistant era for Vertcoin and offers a new low power mining option for GPU miners. In fact, Lyra2RE consumes ~30% less power when compared to scrypt-n and ~17% less than X11 (tested on nVidia 750Ti, but other power consumption ratios are very similar). That is a HUGE incentive to mine Vertcoin and was a direct response to calls from our community to make Vertcoin more power efficient.

Many of you are wondering, what does the future hold for Vertcoin? If you know anything about our history, you should know that we are constantly evaluating new exciting ideas to bring to the coin. To name a few (some of which we didn’t implement): Stealth Addresses, Lyra2RE, Shark Bite Subsidy, Furnace Difficulty, VertVote, VertVerser, etc. Our developers and community are actively engaged in discussions surrounding these kinds of ideas. We are discussing a few new features internally, but I would challenge you, the community, to bring forth ideas that solve a “problem” within the market. By continuing to provide innovations that solve problems – perhaps not limited to the world of cryptocurrencies – we will significantly increase the usability and marketability of Vertcoin.

Finally, thank YOU for your support. The development fund was instrumental in making this release go off without a hitch. Please consider making a regular donation to that fund (VpBsRnN749jYHE9hT8dZreznHfmFMdE1yG or vJmsiNXPUGxhwr8PENK52F3x7fqGaNo4m9a4VHbsZdoG6s99dxQ4Qeucbd9vMULMbdyM2wxiEmZrsjMob8EYT5Lmq5JBTXjt5HqnuU)!

With Alacrity,

Your Vertcoin Development Team

PS: We will continue to monitor the network to ensure any minor issues are resolved quickly. Speaking of… We have the version number display issue fixed in the OSX wallet. You can get that here: https://github.com/vertcoin/vertcoin/releases/download/v0.9.0.1/vertcoin-qt-v0.9.0.1-osx.zip and the Virus Total scan results are here: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/3b56174cf2d42c5fbe29958c71b46632413ab469f3d462ec2dcb42d3389a3290/analysis/1418481529/

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