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Purchasing Vertcoin

Step One - Wallet
The first thing you need to do is download and install the Vertcoin Wallet for your Operating System. Go ahead and grab the right wallet above. With Vertcoin – or any cryptocurrency – your money is stored using an address (like your bank account number) and a secret key to unlock the funds (like a pin number). That secret key is all you need in order to track and spend your Vertcoins. Wallets keep track of your secret keys so you can spend or receive Vertcoins with ease. Did you install your Vertcoin Wallet yet?
Step Two - Purchase Bitcoin
As you will see in the below exchange list, there are exchanges that allow direct purchase of Vertcoin with traditional (sometimes referred to as fiat) currency. If you’re lucky enough to live in the right country, we’d recommend you use one of these services.

If don’t live where you can purchase Vertcoin using traditional currency, the most reliable way to purchase Vertcoin is to purchase Bitcoin first and trade it for Vertcoin. So, how do you get Bitcoin? Luckily that part is pretty easy. Just go to (or for Chinese visitors), sign up for an account there and buy your Bitcoin. Don’t worry – you don’t need to buy a whole Bitcoin right out of the gate. You can purchase fractions of Bitcoin. Once you have your Bitcoin, you need to exchange it for Vertcoin.

Step Three - Bitcoin to Vertcoin
With your Bitcoin “in hand”, you are ready to get some Vertcoin! If you are looking for less than 150 Vertcoin (VTC), the easiest way to exchange your Bitcoin (BTC) for Vertcoin (VTC) is to use Shapeshift allows you to send your Bitcoin to a Bitcoin address, and the system will send the equivalent amount of Vertcoin to the Vertcoin address you specify. So go to your Vertcoin Wallet and click the “Receive” tab. You should have at least one address in there – remember, that is your account number. Copy that and paste it into ShapeShift; that is the address you want ShapeShift to send the Vertcoins to. Then specify the number of Vertcoins you want to send and it will tell you how much Bitcoin you need and where to send it.

If you want to buy more than the limit on ShapeShift, you will want to sign up for an account on one of the cryptocurrency exchanges like Poloniex, Bittrex.

Step Four - Enjoy!
Welcome to the community! You are now an investor in Vertcoin and have joined many others in this wonderful community. Spend your VTC anywhere BTC is accepted, or use your VTC directly at one of many merchants that accept VTC.

Spending Vertcoin

You can also use Vertcoin to buy gift cards for merchants like Amazon, the Apple store, Playstation Plus and more! Check out the full list of merchants here.


Vertcoin is one of the most widely traded crypto-currencies available today. Vertcoin can be traded on the following exchanges:

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