Vertcoin is designed to resist centralization…

Vertcoin’s algorithm is designed to resist the development of custom mining hardware and multipool mining, ensuring that transactions are validated by a widely distributed network and avoiding the selling pressure when large mining pools indiscriminately flood the market with freshly mined coins.

For more detail, read the original Vertcoin Paper by David Muller and the Lyra2RE white paper.

Technical Details

Algorithm: Lyra2RE(v2)
Generation: 84 million VTC
Block time: 2.5 minutes
Block Rewards: 50 coins per block
Subsidy halves every 840,000 blocks (~4 years)
Difficulty Re-Target Time: Retargets every block (Kimoto’s Gravity Well)
Premine: Zero – not premined

Block Explorer

Vertcoin has a merge-mined sidechain: MobileCash
Download the MobileCash (MBL) wallet from Github and configure your miner according to the details in the ANN thread at bitcointalk (Windows) or litecointalk (Linux). The best way to merge-mine VTC, MBL and other merge-mined coins on the VTC chain is by running your own p2pool node, a “node in a box” and easy HOWTO are available: