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2nd Vertcoin P2Pool Network


We’ve received a fair bit of concern from smaller miners regarding the frequency of payouts on the P2Pool network.  In response to your concerns, James has integrated a 2nd network option into P2Pool for smaller miners to band together on their own network.

“This release introduces a second Vertcoin p2pool network designed for smaller miners, perhaps with only one or two GPUs who those do not mine frequently (ie miners are not running 24/7). The existing p2pool network has grown to be quite large, making it hard for smaller and infrequent miners to get a share. This new network can be accessed via the flag --net vertcoin2. Those who have dedicated VTC miners should continue to use the existing network.” -James Lovejoy

Please allow time for the 2nd network to propagate before expecting regular payouts.

P2Pool software can be found HERE.


Joe (Zemrys)

Vertcoin Electrum Wallet Release

The team and I are pleased to announce the first release of Electrum for Vertcoin. Electrum is a lightweight wallet that does not require you to download the entire blockchain. Thank you to pknight for his valuable contribution to preparing this release. The Electrum-VTC wallet can be downloaded from here: https://github.com/vertcoin/electrum-vtc/releases/

Zemrys has also been developing Vertcoin’s One-Click miner which we hope to release soon. A screenshot of an alpha version of the software is below.



Development update

We are happy to announce since Sunday May 7th 2017 as of block 713,664 Segwit is now active on the Vertcoin network. More info on what that means and the benefits can be found here

So now what ?

We have decided that a light weight electrum wallet would be beneficial to our users. This means users will not have to download the blockchain. You can expect this soon.

If you have any questions, please join us in Slack our subreddit or twitter

Donations are always welcome for development. You can send funds here: VpBsRnN749jYHE9hT8dZreznHfmFMdE1yG or vtcfund.com

Eric (etang600, etang6000)

SegWit Soft Fork Locked In

After the release of our UASF wallet, miners have reached overwhelming consensus to implement SegWit via the standard BIP9 procedure of reaching over 75% SegWit signalling. This means that from block 713664 (in about 1.5 days), SegWit will start being enforced on Vertcoin main net. This means all mined unupgraded and non-conforming blocks after that point will be orphaned from the network. This also means that unupgraded (<=v0.10) wallets will not be able to independently verify SegWit transactions, so you really should upgrade in order to secure yourself. An explanation of the benefits of SegWit are available here.

We have also ported a Lightning Network client to our test net which you can try out from here. After SegWit has activated on main net, I will update the client further so it can be used for VTC. Please remember Lightning is still new technology very much under development. You can set up channels and send money between each other but there are likely unknown bugs and money can go missing. Therefore, you should not transact money that you really care about losing until the software been more widely tested. If you want help or to find people to transact with, just jump on our slack.

We are raising donations to fund a newly optimised AMD miner, wallet UI redesign and website content overhaul in the near future. Zemrys is also working on a one-click miner for Vertcoin in the near future. You can donate to the development fund here: VpBsRnN749jYHE9hT8dZreznHfmFMdE1yG.



Mandatory Upgrade – UASF for SegWit starting on 31st May 2017 00:00:00 GMT


I am pleased to announce the release of v0.11.1 of Vertcoin. This update implements BIP148 (https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/bip-0148.mediawiki) which is a “User Activated Soft Fork” for Segregated Witness. This update is in response to two large unknown miners blocking SegWit activation on the Vertcoin network (https://vtconline.org/sf.html) despite >95% of nodes being upgraded and a clear desire from the community to upgrade.

Since over 50% of the network hashrate belongs to the “attackers”, they will likely not update and not implement UASF, so this update should be treated in the same way as a Hard Fork. Old wallets will continue to follow whichever chain has the most work, and will only reorg to the SegWit chain once it has more work behind it. Thus, any fork will be temporary, but will likely exist for some time. Therefore, everyone should upgrade to this new wallet to ensure the stability of the network and reduce the risk of a fork.

The downloads are available here: https://github.com/vertcoin/vertcoin/releases



SegWit Activation Progress


The Segregated Witness soft fork is well under way, we are currently signalling just over the threshold of 75% for CSV and over 50% for SegWit itself. A final mining push would help to get us over the 75% threshold. Remember to mine on a SegWit compatible pool. You can see the progress of the soft fork and which pools are upgraded on our SegWit tracker here: https://vtconline.org/sf.html. I have received confirmation this week from both Bittrex and Poloniex that they have updated their wallets to support SegWit, and the majority of pools have already upgraded.

In the last week we released v0.11.0.2 of the Vertcoin wallet which provides a number of bug fixes, improving user experience. Wallet downloads can be found here: https://github.com/vertcoin/vertcoin/releases. Furthermore, we released a new version of P2Pool that supports SegWit, as well as a Windows build which does not require any dependencies besides a Vertcoin wallet. The release can be found here: https://github.com/vertcoin/p2pool-vtc/releases. P2Pool is the recommended mining method for VTC as it helps to decentralise the network, maximise miner uptime and minimise mining fees. A list of public P2Pool nodes can be found here: https://scanner.vtconline.org/ although it is very easy to run your own node.

You can always donate to the development fund, no matter how small the amount, using this address: VpBsRnN749jYHE9hT8dZreznHfmFMdE1yG

Thanks, and let’s bring on SegWit.

James (jamesl22, metalicjames)

Vertcoin SegWit Wallet Release

I am pleased to announce the release of the Vertcoin SegWit soft fork. This wallet updates Vertcoin to use the latest Bitcoin Core v0.13 base. Thus, it soft forks BIP34, 66, 65, CSV and SegWit into Vertcoin as well as the other BIPs included in Bitcoin Core since v0.8. The soft forks will start signalling compliance from block 675,360 and will continue to signal for a year. Once 75% of blocks over a 2016 block period have signalled, after another 2016 block period the soft forks will activate and old version blocks will be orphaned from that point on. Therefore it is highly recommended you upgrade your wallet and this update should be treated as mandatory. It is especially important that pools upgrade as we need at least 75% of blocks mined to be upgraded in order to activate the soft forks. Pools that do not upgrade could risk orphaned blocks after activation. Everyone else, including users and exchanges, should upgrade too to guard against forking after activation.

Remember to backup your wallet.dat before you upgrade your wallet. Failing to do so could result in the loss of all your coins.

Miners themselves will not have to do anything, but pool operators will need to upgrade their pool software to be compatible with the new wallet. We have a version of stratum-mining that is confirmed working. An upgraded p2pool version is in development and should be released soon.

stratum-mining: https://github.com/Crypto-Expert/stratum-mining

The full release and wallet downloads: https://github.com/vertcoin/vertcoin/releases

Development Fund Donation Address: VpBsRnN749jYHE9hT8dZreznHfmFMdE1yG



Wallet update – v0.10.1.0

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce the release of Vertcoin v0.10.1.0. This is intended to be the final “old client” release before the SegWit update, hopefully coming before the end of the month. This wallet update prepares the way for SegWit by deprecating Stealth Addresses since they will not be available in the next wallet version. Those still using stealth should continue to use their current wallet until they are satisfied they have redeemed all of their stealth inputs as there is no way to retrieve them from this wallet release. Additionally, this release implements lowS signatures which are required for BIP66. Finally, it updates the default transaction fee structure so that transactions from this wallet will be propagated by the new wallet once it is released.

Whilst this update is not mandatory, it is highly recommended as it will take longer and longer for pre-v0.10.1 wallets’ transactions to be included in a block as more of the network upgrades to the new SegWit wallet.

The release can be found here: https://github.com/vertcoin/vertcoin/releases



Vertcoin has hard forked – downgrade your wallets!

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately I learned that Vertcoin had hard forked during the night between old (v0.10.0.*) and new (13.99.0) wallets. This has lead to old wallets on one chain and new ones on the other. Given that only around 7% of the network has switched so far to the new wallet, I ask that everyone who has upgraded, downgrade their wallet to v0.10.0.2 and those who have not yet upgraded to stay put.

On that basis, the development team will be evaluating the fork to determine its cause and if possible release a patch and retry the soft fork. Failing that, we intend to hard fork the coin, sometime in the next month.

You can find the old wallet for download here: https://github.com/vertcoin/vertcoin_old/releases

Thank you for your patience,


Vertcoin Wallet Update – SegWit Soft Fork

The Vertcoin team is pleased to announce the release of a new wallet update. This update implements the SegWit soft fork which will begin signalling on the 13th February 2017 and will require 75% of a thousand blocks updated in order to activate. Everyone should upgrade to the new wallet, especially mining pools. The procedure is much the same as the two hard forks we have performed previously, pools will need to update their pool software to a new version compatible with the new wallet if the community wants SegWit to activate. Old wallets (v0.10.0.*) will continue to work after the fork, but it is important that everyone upgrades. Please remember to backup your wallet.dat file before upgrading. Those using P2Pool for mining (the recommended method) will need to update their pool software too, I will post an update in a couple of days with a new P2Pool release. A new stratum-mining (for MPOS based pools and solo miners) has been provided below along with a list of already upgraded pools.

SegWit-Ready Pools

New Wallets

SegWit-Ready Pool Software