21 Jul 2014

Block Maturation Vote

Vertans, As promised, the first “real” VertVote

21 Jul 2014


As promised, the first “real” VertVote is live. Please visit https://vertvote.com to cast your vote on increasing (or not) the block maturation period.

A little background: This suggestion is to address Multipool mining because it increases the uncertainty of the value of each block mined. Multipools make a decision to mine a coin based on profitability with the assumption they can quickly sell at the current price. Increasing the maturation time means they need to hold the coin longer and thus don’t know the price will be the same when it comes time to sell. Some have cited the obvious negative of such a change would be that coins remain un-spendable for longer for everyone. Also, theoretically, if traditional pool operators decide to pay miners before the full block maturation period, it may incent people to switch away from P2P, which by its nature requires the full block maturation period as rewards are paid directly.



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