18 Jul 2014

Announcing VertVote

Vertans, There has been much discussion surrounding

18 Jul 2014


There has been much discussion surrounding updates to the coin and many have asked when we will make a decision on those changes.

The options we have been discussing would be significant changes to the coin and thus, it is only fitting we have a broader conversation on these matters.

So how do we pose these questions without opening ourselves up to non-Vertans attempting to sabotage the result? Turns out the solution is already an integral part of cryptocurrency – address signatures.

Enter VertVote: A way for the core development team to pose questions to the broader community helping to decentralize the decision making process. Much like VertVerser, VertVote is build on a flexible API that could be integrated into our wallets at any time. Imagine getting a slick notification that a new poll requires your vote!


Simple choose a response to the poll that is displayed, enter your vertcoin address and sign the message as requested. Once the balance on your address and the signature is validated, your vote will be recorded.



Note: There are no active polls at the moment. I will post again as soon as a new poll is up for your votes! (soon, very soon)

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