04 Dec 2014

[ANN] Lyra2RE Fork Scheduled!

“Business is a sprint until you find

04 Dec 2014

“Business is a sprint until you find an opportunity, then it’s the patience of a marathon runner.” – Robert Herjavec


The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived. We are very proud to announce the hard fork to Lyra2RE which will land approximately December 16th at block 208301. This is the culmination of many months of hard work with jamesl22 taking the lead and more than proving his technical abilities.

We know Lyra2RE will serve us well being incredibly secure, robust in terms of configurability and easier to mine. Additionally, ASIC production for such a robust algorithm will be expensive and time consuming given its adaptability and resistance to parallel processing. If you haven’t read the white paper, I encourage you to do so here.


The linux binaries are available for download here: x86 (SHA1 c59092ebd11ed5dadfba73d3222b63c14d6cf7b4) & x64 (SHA1 43bf946dda134294cb6e59f10b2100d69240493b).

The source code is available here. Python module here. Stratum-mining here. P2Pool, the miners, as well as Windows and OSX wallets are coming very very soon – YES, they will all be available at launch! 🙂

If you operate a pool or exchange, please update your wallets as soon as possible and reach out to us with any issues.


You may be wondering, why block 208301? We thought it would be fun to announce the fork with a bit of a contest. Here are the premise and rules:

  1. The first person to solve the following cipher will receive 2,000 VTC
  2. The first clue is that 208301 = VTCFTW
  3. Every 30 retweets of the announcement tweet will unlock a new clue
  4. The solution must be submitted via twitter using #VTCFTW as a hashtag
  5. Periods are literal and not part of the cipher
  6. The cipher is: 43 596 79n2g 0j47 596 tg8g42g 0gj 2087. 208 47 0gj o970 7g86tg 4pp92c042g 8t5r0986ttgp85 4p 0gj 19tnf.

Good luck and may the best cryptographer win!

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