10 Jun 2015

Android Wallet Bounty, Merge-Mining and Website Updates

Vertans, Before the fork to Lyra2RE there

10 Jun 2015


Before the fork to Lyra2RE there was a rather useful mobile wallet for Android. This has since become defunct and was thus removed from the Play Store. I’m sure many of you would like to see it revived so I am offering a 1000 VTC bounty for the old wallet to be updated for the new fork. Rest assured, this is not a “start from scratch” project, the old code is still available and just needs updating. You can find the code here: https://github.com/dayreiner/vertcoin-wallet. If you are interesting in completing this task, please contact me at [email protected] We can discuss further details there.

In other news, Darren (/u/darrenturn90) has begun work on getting our new merge-mined coin up and running. We will now be ironing out the kinks and I hope to get a release date with binary wallets announced by the end of this month. Since the fork, the Monocle blockchain has been far from secure due to low hashrate and many people have simply discarded their old coins. Therefore, the new coin will be a complete reset, under a new name and with a different distribution model. This will also give people a fair chance to get their hands on the new coins and hopefully will increase the chances that it will end up on an exchange (which is essential if we want to test elasticity there).

Finally, I have recruited some new helpers who are going over the website with a fine tooth comb in order to get it fully up to date. This should make it easier for new users to find information on mining etc.



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