February 2017

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Wallet update – v0.10.1.0

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce the release of Vertcoin v0.10.1.0. This is intended to be the final “old client” release before the SegWit update, hopefully coming before the end of the month. This wallet update prepares the way for SegWit by deprecating Stealth Addresses since they will not be available in the next wallet version. Those still using stealth should continue to use their current wallet until they are satisfied they have redeemed all of their stealth inputs as there is no way to retrieve them from this wallet release. Additionally, this release implements lowS signatures which are required for BIP66. Finally, it updates the default transaction fee structure so that transactions from this wallet will be propagated by the new wallet once it is released.

Whilst this update is not mandatory, it is highly recommended as it will take longer and longer for pre-v0.10.1 wallets’ transactions to be included in a block as more of the network upgrades to the new SegWit wallet.

The release can be found here: https://github.com/vertcoin/vertcoin/releases



Vertcoin has hard forked – downgrade your wallets!

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately I learned that Vertcoin had hard forked during the night between old (v0.10.0.*) and new (13.99.0) wallets. This has lead to old wallets on one chain and new ones on the other. Given that only around 7% of the network has switched so far to the new wallet, I ask that everyone who has upgraded, downgrade their wallet to v0.10.0.2 and those who have not yet upgraded to stay put.

On that basis, the development team will be evaluating the fork to determine its cause and if possible release a patch and retry the soft fork. Failing that, we intend to hard fork the coin, sometime in the next month.

You can find the old wallet for download here: https://github.com/vertcoin/vertcoin_old/releases

Thank you for your patience,


Vertcoin Wallet Update – SegWit Soft Fork

The Vertcoin team is pleased to announce the release of a new wallet update. This update implements the SegWit soft fork which will begin signalling on the 13th February 2017 and will require 75% of a thousand blocks updated in order to activate. Everyone should upgrade to the new wallet, especially mining pools. The procedure is much the same as the two hard forks we have performed previously, pools will need to update their pool software to a new version compatible with the new wallet if the community wants SegWit to activate. Old wallets (v0.10.0.*) will continue to work after the fork, but it is important that everyone upgrades. Please remember to backup your wallet.dat file before upgrading. Those using P2Pool for mining (the recommended method) will need to update their pool software too, I will post an update in a couple of days with a new P2Pool release. A new stratum-mining (for MPOS based pools and solo miners) has been provided below along with a list of already upgraded pools.

SegWit-Ready Pools

New Wallets

SegWit-Ready Pool Software


Development update

Hello everyone,

The Vertcoin Development team has been busy the last month working on updating our wallet to the latest Bitcoin core with Segregated Witness (segwit). If you’re not familiar with segwit you can read the benefits and purpose here ( https://bitcoincore.org/en/2016/01/26/segwit-benefits/). With that being said we are excited to announce that everything is working as it should on the test-net ,and if time permits we should have the new release ready sometime early next week, if not sooner. This should serve as a heads up to miners and pools since we will need a 75% consensus for segwit to activate. Please spread the word.

Eric (etang600)