Mine Vertcoin

Mining secures the Vertcoin network and rewards the people securing it with Vertcoin.
Mining Explained Article

Because Vertcoin is dedicated to keeping mining accessible to everyone, all you need to get started is an ordinary desktop computer with a modern graphics card (GPU). Highend, newer graphics cards yield better results than lowend or older ones.

Simple: One-Click Miner

The Vertcoin One-Click Miner is by far the easiest way to get started. It’s a user-friendly piece of software (Windows only), that allows you to start mining with a few easy steps. You can download the One-Click Miner using the button below, and follow this guide for setting it up.

Download One-Click Miner

One click miner screenshot

Advanced: Dedicated mining hardware

If you’re more than a casual miner, you can also consider investing in dedicated mining hardware. You can build a dedicated computer solely for mining, where most so-called rigs contain 6 or more GPUs. By adding a bigger number of GPUs, the rewards are also proportionally higher - but so is the investment upfront.

Mining rig

There are plenty of guides on how to build a dedicated mining rig on the internet; if you’re capable of assembling a normal desktop computer, you should be able to assemble a mining rig. Dedicated miners are commonly using a command-line script for starting the miner so that the miner automatically starts when the machine starts. Most dedicated rigs use the mining software ccminer, which is also included in the One-Click Miner, but without the Graphical User Interface.

tldr: If this all looks too complicated, use the One-Click Miner up top for Windows, it makes the whole process very easy.