Vertcoin Core (Most Secure)

This is the Vertcoin reference client (forked from upstream Bitcoin Core) and forms the backbone of the Vertcoin Network. Vertcoin Core is a trustless wallet meaning that you download and verify the entire blockchain history for yourself. Additionally, you help to redistribute the blockchain to new users, ferry transactions around the network and help prevent eclipse attacks. If you intend to mine Vertcoin, the Core wallet is a requirement. Our new Lightning Network Wallet will also include these features as well.

Platform (V0.14.0) (Lyra2REv3)
Other Linux
Linux (ARM)
Source Code
Based on Bitcoin Core v0.16.3

Simple: One-Click Miner

The Vertcoin One-Click Miner is by far the easiest way to get started. It’s a user-friendly piece of software (Windows only), that allows you to start mining with a few easy steps. You can download the One-Click Miner using the button below, and follow this guide for setting it up.

Download One-Click Miner

One click miner screenshot


Electrum-VTC is a lightweight wallet forked from upstream Electrum which does not require you to download the full blockchain. The trade-off being that you are trusting the miners that they have correctly verified the transactions in the blockchain. Whilst this means there is no synchronization time, you are no longer working trustlessly and not helping to redistribute the Vertcoin blockchain to new users. Users should not mine into Electrum-VTC due to the load caused by many small payments that is put on the Electrum servers. Users should use Vertcoin Core for mining instead.

Platform (v3.1.2)
Windows (Installer)
Windows (Standalone)
Source Code

Mobile Wallets

Currently there are only third-party mobile wallets availible for VTC. We are working on bringing you development team provided wallets on Android and iOS and are in the approval stage of this process. In the meantime, currently there is Coinomi on Android and iOS and Edge Wallet on Android and iOS that support VTC.

Hardware Wallets

A hardware wallet allows you to store your Vertcoins without the private keys ever having to leave the device. This prevents remote attackers or viruses on your computer from redirecting or stealing your coins. Currently the hardware wallets sold for VTC are Ledger and Trezor.

Paper Wallets

A paper wallet is simply a private key written on a piece of paper. This is known as “cold storage” since access to the coins is not stored digitally and is thus not susceptible to viruses or hardware failure. Paper wallets are not easy to spend however and thus are suitable for long-term storage. The private key from the paper wallet can be imported into Electrum-VTC or Vertcoin Core at a later date and spent from there.

Wallet Generator

tldr: Confused? Maybe find out what mining is first, it may help you understand what’s happening.