Network Acception Conditions of Vertcoin's SegWit & Road-Map

Hey Vertans!

There seems to be a little confusion as to when SegWit will activate once it passes the 75% threshold. If SegWit passes 1512 of 2016 blocks (75%) this period, it will be activated at the end of the next period‘s span of 2016 blocks. This progress can be seen HERE.

Why is this you ask?

The reason for this delay is to allow a 3.5 day “grace period” for miners and users alike running on older wallets to update to SegWit-capable wallets. This helps to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to make changes without causing downtime to their normal mining/trading, preventing any potential loss of coins.

What comes after SegWit?

There are a lot of things in the pipeline for Vertcoin.  We’ve put together a road-map to outline what our development focus will be in the coming months.


  1. Regularly pull updates from upstream (Bitcoin Core)
  2. New (mobile-friendly) web wallet (COMPLETE)
  3. SegWit activation
  4. One-click miner
  5. Start marketing/outreach team
  6. Auxpow test coin (reintroduce MON, upgrade to 0.14)
  7. Port Lightning to VTC testnet/Auxpow test coin
  8. Electrum Vertcoin wallet
  9. Reimplement Stealth Addresses
  10. Consultation on future development goals

If you have any questions, please join us in Slack or our subreddit.

Donations are always welcome for development.  You can send funds here: VpBsRnN749jYHE9hT8dZreznHfmFMdE1yG


Joe (Zemrys, zemrys16)