Mandatory Upgrade – UASF for SegWit starting on 31st May 2017 00:00:00 GMT


I am pleased to announce the release of v0.11.1 of Vertcoin. This update implements BIP148 ( which is a “User Activated Soft Fork” for Segregated Witness. This update is in response to two large unknown miners blocking SegWit activation on the Vertcoin network ( despite >95% of nodes being upgraded and a clear desire from the community to upgrade.

Since over 50% of the network hashrate belongs to the “attackers”, they will likely not update and not implement UASF, so this update should be treated in the same way as a Hard Fork. Old wallets will continue to follow whichever chain has the most work, and will only reorg to the SegWit chain once it has more work behind it. Thus, any fork will be temporary, but will likely exist for some time. Therefore, everyone should upgrade to this new wallet to ensure the stability of the network and reduce the risk of a fork.

The downloads are available here: