2nd Vertcoin P2Pool Network


We’ve received a fair bit of concern from smaller miners regarding the frequency of payouts on the P2Pool network.  In response to your concerns, James has integrated a 2nd network option into P2Pool for smaller miners to band together on their own network.

“This release introduces a second Vertcoin p2pool network designed for smaller miners, perhaps with only one or two GPUs who those do not mine frequently (ie miners are not running 24/7). The existing p2pool network has grown to be quite large, making it hard for smaller and infrequent miners to get a share. This new network can be accessed via the flag --net vertcoin2. Those who have dedicated VTC miners should continue to use the existing network.” -James Lovejoy

Please allow time for the 2nd network to propagate before expecting regular payouts.

P2Pool software can be found HERE.


Joe (Zemrys)